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CrystalTech Nano 2.0 Liquid Screen Protection (Clearance)

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Smartphone CrystalTech Nano 2.0 Liquid Screen Protection

Product Description

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Liquid Screen protector increases screen hardness to 9H (sapphire equivalent) with no bubbling, no peeling and no cracking. Product is invisible and effectively protects glass from scratching and chipping under extreme conditions, while its antibacterial properties protect the user from harmul microbes developing on their device 

Key Selling Points

  • Easy to install
  • Antibacterial
  • One size fits all phones or tablets up to 17' 
  • Screens last up to 1 year
  • Invisible protection
  • 9H hardness
  • No bubbles
  • No peeling 
  • This is not quite a film screen protector nor a tempered glass one: it's a liquid one which hardens providing invisible protection at 9H hardness, similar to tempered glass hardness

User Ratings & Opinions

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Star Star Star Star Star Great product!
User: Guy P, Dec 16, 2016
Pros: Universal, easy to apply, Made in Germany (apparently)
Cons: None
Couldnt find a decent screen protector for my DTEK60 so thought Id try this and its great!
Star Star Star Star Star Doesnt work
User: Ken L, Dec 15, 2016
I treated half of my Note 4 screen as per the instructions and left it untouched for 3 days. As my Note 4 no longer powers up, I had no issues testing the effectiveness of the CyrstalTech Nano liquid screen protector.

Coins, keys and a spade drill did not scratch the untreated or treated portion of the screen.

My Olfa box cutter, Leatherman knife and titanium oxide drill bit managed to put some light scratches on both the untreated and treated portions of the screen.

When tested with a masonary drill bit and emery cloth, there were significant scratches on both the untreated and treated portions of the screen.

CONCLUSION: CrystalTech Nano 2.0 Liquid Screen Protection failed to increase the scratch resistance of my Note 4 screen.

I guess the 60 day satisfaction guarantee doesnt apply here as I cant return the product.

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